Court Fees

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    Adult Members Junior Members Guests of Members where member booked court Full Adult Members booking
court in section where they are not a member2 
Social / Social Sport
& Non-Members
(per hour)
  £7.40 £3.70 (Adult rate after 5pm.) £4 per adult guest per hour
£3 per junior guest per hour
£7.40 £6 Junior
£12 Adult
Groups booking for a whole term in advance: £10
Section guest (A, B, C): £12 for evening.
(per 45 minutes)
Peak £4.60 £2 playing junior
£3.80 playing adult
£3 Young Adult
£2 Junior
£3.80 Adult
N/A £4 Junior
£9.20 Adult
Peak times: 5pm - 9.45pm weekdays
Club sessions: £2.50  
Off-Peak £3.80 £2 playing junior
£3.80 playing adult
£2 Junior / Young Adult
£3.80 Adult
£3.80 £4 Junior
£9.20 Adult
Off-peak times: 9am - 5pm, 9.45pm – 11.00 pm and all day weekends.
(per hour)
  No fee No fee £2 Junior
£2 Adult
No fee £5 Junior
£10 Adult
£7 Adult in Club session
Silver Member playing with Tennis Member at peak times: £1.50 per hour
Guest in Club session: £7.00


  1. Members may book courts of the section(s) they belong to 13 days in advance via the on-line booking system.
  2. Full Adult Members may book courts of the section(s) they are not a member of between 9am - 5pm, Mondays to Fridays 6 days in advance via the on-line booking system.
  3. Non-members or Social / Social Sport members may book courts on the day of playing and only between 09:00-17:00.
  4. Silver members may book courts between 09:00 - 17:00 on Mondays - Friday only via the on-line booking system.
  5. All Junior members are Off-Peak members.
  6. Squash guests may only play 3 times in 3 calendar months at peak times

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