Change of Club Membership and Booking system

Change of Club Membership and Booking system

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Dear Members,


As you will probably be only too aware. the club has over the past few months experienced on-going problems with the current membership and booking system. This has manifested itself in problems with some members' accounts and all members have been unable to view their account transactions, as well as other issues. The club has, therefore, decided that the best course of action is to move to a different membership and booking system, MyCourts, originally used in limited form by the club some years ago and also used by many leading racket clubs, both locally and nationally.


The transition from the existing ClubNet system to MyCourts will happen over the next few weeks, with the objective of trying to get it fully operational by the start of the new membership year on 1st September 2022. There are, however, a few key areas that will work differently from the existing system that you should be aware of:

Members' accounts will only be used for anything to do with the booking system, including payment of court fees, guest fees, etc. It will not be possible to purchase anything from the bar using your account (i.e., the membership and booking system is not linked to the bar EPOS system).

Account top-ups can be made using a debit or credit card only through your online account - there will be no automatic top-up via direct debit available.


Purchases from the bar will only be possible by debit and credit cards. This will be reviewed once MyCourts has been bedded in. 

We will initially use the MyCourts website template, which will replace the current one hosted by our current supplier, so the look and feel will be a little different. It will be accessible via a computer or smart phone.

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during the period we have been trying to resolve the problems with the existing system. We will be writing to you again towards the middle of August with details of how the new system will work for you. In the meantime, as the team will be concentrating their efforts in getting the new system up and running, we would appreciate it if you would not contact the office with questions about the new system until these details have been made available.


Although MyCourts believe that it is possible to have the new management and booking system totally live from 1st September, this date should not be relied on as there is much work to be done, and it also assumes that the necessary resources will be available (e.g. not ill) during the transition period. Because of this there could still be some fluidity in the date that MyCourts becomes active.


One important thing to note is that members' account balances will be transferred to MyCourts at the time that the MyCourts booking system becomes active. As courts are bookable 13 days in advance this means that the balances will need to be moved across, and user logins will need to be sent out to all members, on 16th or 17th August.


Kind regards,


The Management Committee & Office

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