ESC Quiz

This is the Ebbisham Sports Club On-Line Quiz just in case you or the youngsters are beginning to find remaining in your house for most of the day a little tedious.  There will be one round per week for the next 6 weeks by when we all hope the lock down will be over.  Each week the questions will be posted for that week together with the answers for the previous week.  Mark it yourself.  The rounds are:

  • Sport
  • Firsts
  • The Beatles
  • Geography
  • London
  • Pot Luck

There are no prizes :-(

You can either undertake the quiz individually, as a family or maybe adults versus children in your household.

Children in particular are allowed to research the answers.  Adults may want to try answering the questions without research and then research the questions they have left to answer.

Have fun and good luck.


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