Week 2 - Firsts Answers


Most of us know that Neil Armstrong was the first man to land on the moon. Who was the member of the Apollo 11 crew who never set foot on the moon?

Michael Collins


The M1 was built in four phases. When was the first section of the M1 built?

The first section of motorway built in Britain was the Preston Bypass in 1958.  It's now part of the M6.  The first section of the M1 [between Junction 5 (Watford) and Junction 18 (Crick/Rugby)], opened on 1 November 1959.


In which city was the first Women’s World Squash Tournament help?



What did Shaftesbury Homes first provide in the 1920s and 1930s and Dr, Barnardos Homes provide from 1946 to 1966?

Wimbledon Ballboys


Which year did the Model T Ford enter production?



When did Epsom Girls Grammar School first open its doors? And where is it?

12th February 1917 in Auckland New Zealand


Why did “The first Oscar awards snub a German shepherd and got a Nazi poodle instead”

The “actor” who had collected the most votes was actually a dog called Rin-Tin-Tin, who had starred as Rinty in popular films such as A Dog of the Regiment and Jaws of Steel. The film board were concerned that awarding the first statuette to a canine would hardly give credibility to their new awards. To avoiding appearing to be barking mad, they diverted the 1929 Oscar to Emil Jannings who became a Nazi propagandist.


Who was the father of the first electronic spreadsheet?

Daniel Singer “Dan” Bricklin who co-created VisiCalc with Bob Frankston


What was the name of the first plane to fly across the Atlantic ocean nonstop with only the pilot aboard?

Spirit of St. Louis


Who was the first British Winner of the European Song Contest?

Sandie Shaw with Puppet on a String in 1967

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