Week 4 - Geography Answers


According to the Office of National Statistics, what was the population of the Borough of Epsom and Ewell in 2018 (to the nearest thousand)?



How far is it from Land’s End to John’O Groats if you were to cycle all of the way (to the nearest 50 miles)?

The signposts at the beginning and end say 874 miles but Google maps (avoiding Motorways) indicates that it is 866 miles. As this follows many busy roads, most people don’t like to take that route and you are more likely to cycle between 900 and 950 miles so either 900 or 950 would be accepted as the correct answer.


How many countries are there in Europe?

According to the United Nations, there are 44 countries in Europe.


In which country is the highest lake in the world?

Lake Titicaca, at an elevation of 12,507 feet (3,812 meters) in the Andean Altiplano, is the highest large lake in the world. More than 120 miles long and 50 miles wide, it was the centre of the Inca civilization, and today straddles the boundary between Peru and Bolivia.  Either Peru or Bolivia is correct and if you have answered both, take a bonus point.


What was the population of the UK in mid 2018 according to the Office for National Statistics?

66,435,600.  Take a point for any number between 66 and 67 million.


In 1867 the USA agreed to purchase Alaska from Russia. How much did they agree to pay for it?  Was it $5.2 Million, $7.2 Million, $15.2 Million or $23.2 Million.

$7.2 Million.  Wow.


Which is the odd County out and why?

Berkshire, Cumbria, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Surrey

Berkshire because it is the only county in the list that does not have a County Council.


Which city is situated on two continents?

Istanbul in Turkey is located both on the Asian and European continents.


Place the towns / cities in order of distance from the equator with the most northern  first:

Londonderry, Copenhagen, Glasgow, Moscow

Glasgow 55.8642 degrees North

Moscow 55.7558 degrees North

Copenhagen 55.6761 degrees North

Londonderry 54.9966 degrees North.


Name the counties that have a boarder with Surrey

Greater London, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, and Berkshire

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