Week 6 - Pot Luck Answers


What did the steeple of St Brides Church in Fleet Street inspire?

The tiered wedding cake


Heathrow Terminal 2 is about 40,000 square meters in size. How big is Terminal 5?

353,020 square metres.  Anywhere between 325,000 and 375,000 square meters gains a point.


What was formed on 17th September 1980, banned in October 1982 and one of its leaders awarded the Nobel Peace prize in October 1983?

Solidarity Trade Union in Poland


Which is the third smallest euro note in use and what colour is it?

The blue 20 Euro note which is 132 x 70 mm.


What has 34 pages but the numbering starts at 4 and is changing colour?

A burgundy UK Passport with the bearer's photograph at the front.  the older versions with the 'photo at the back are numbered differently. Gain a point for answering a UK Passport.


How did Chris Grayling M.P. justify voting to leave the EU when the voters of Epsom and Ewell voted to stay in the EU?

Because the parliamentary constituency of Epsom & Ewell does not have the same boundaries as the Borough of Epsom and Ewell and no count of referendum votes was taken in the parliamentary constituency.


Why did Lord Roseberry give up his studies at Oxford?

He didn’t want to sell his racehorse called Ladas and rules forbad undergraduates from owning horses.


The Prime Meridian famously passes through Greenwich. How many European countries (including the UK) does it run through?

3.  The UK, France and Spain


How many pairs of wings does a bee have?



There are 317 districts (Unitary districts, Districts, Metropolitan Boroughs, Cities, Boroughs and London Boroughs) in England. Which is the smallest of these by area?

The City of London which is 1.12 square miles.

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