Squash and Racketball Club Nights

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Following feedback from members and with an aim of increasing squash and racketball participation at Ebbisham, we are trying out new ways to run our club sessions for 2022.  For the next three months we will therefore be running THREE regular club sessions:

How much will the club sessions cost?

    • For the trial period, the club sessions will be FREE OF CHARGE for full members (including Adults and Young Adults).  Members are encouraged to attend as many of the club sessions as they wish, as many times as they like.
    • A fee of £2.50 is payable per session for Off-Peak, Silver, Junior members and guests (plus guest fee as per Ebbisham's guest booking policy)

When are the club sessions 

    • Every Friday at 5.30 pm
    • Every Saturday at 4.45 pm
    • Alternate Tuesday's (See Court Bookings) 

Will the club sessions last forever?

    • It depends - We are trying to encourage more participation from members in squash and racketball.  If these sessions are well-attended for the three-month pilot, we will continue to run them!  Please also pass on any feedback to the club, or any member of the Squash Committee on how we can further improve club sessions for members.

Will the sessions be for squash or racketball?

    • Friday and Saturday Club Night sessions will cater to both Squash & Racketball players.  Players who wish to try squash/racketball but don't own the appropriate racket can hire equipment from the office/bar for £1 (per racket - cash only).
    • Tuesday Club Night (running every 2 weeks) will focus on Squash only.  This session is only every two-weeks due to court availability, but we will send out a reminder each week.

I’ve never been to a Club session - What is it?

    • Club sessions are probably exactly what you are looking for!  They are the best way to play a variety of other players across a range of standards.  They are open to members of all abilities including ladies, men and juniors. 
    • Members meet on the court balcony and wait for a court to become available. Whoever has been waiting the longest selects who they want to play, and those two players take to the court to play one or two games depending on the numbers.  Once the game is over the players return to the balcony to watch the other games and await their next opponent.
    • The session usually lasts for two-hours or so but players can leave when they’ve had their fill of squash or racketball.
    • After the session, the bar will be open to analyse your performances or just to have a drink or two with the other players.

How can I keep informed about the club sessions?

    • We will send an email reminder each week with a list of the club sessions that will be run that week.
      We also have an Ebbisham Club Session WhatsApp group where reminders about the various club sessions will be posted.  If you would like to join, please click on the button below:
      Please help make these new sessions a success and come down to as many as you can!. 





  • FRIDAY CLUB NIGHT - Squash & Racketball every week from 5.30pm

  • SATURDAY CLUB NIGHT - Squash & Racketball every week from 4.45pm

  • TUESDAY CLUB NIGHT - Squash every two weeks from 7.30pm


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