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The squash league is organised as a monthly box league and is open to all adults who have peak membership and unrestricted juniors.  The leagues are displayed online and scores are entered online.  To join the leagues please email the league organiser at ebbishamsquash@gmail.com 

League Rules


A match is the best of  5 games. Each game is played to 15 points, if 14 all the game continues until one player leads by two points. Either player may score points (PAR – point–a–rally). The server, on winning a rally, scores a point and retains the service; the receiver, on winning a rally, scores a point and becomes the server.  

Entering Results 

Please enter the score in games. Each player gets a point for each game they win plus a bonus point for playing the match. The winner (first to 3) of each match gets 2 bonus points.

Squash Scoring 

Result in Games
3-0 2-1 5-1
3-1 2-1 5-2
3-2 2-1 5-3
2-2 1-1 3-3
2-1 1-1 3-2
2-0 1-1 3-1
1-1 1-1 2-2
Walkover* 3-0 3-0


 * A Walkover is declared if a player does not turn up for an arranged game or if a player is injured and unable to play- score entered is W-0, where W is the opponent and 0 for the person unable to play. This will result in the opponent getting 3 bonus points. 


For more detail see A Guide to Squash Leagues



All players are automatically entered into the League Cup. The League Cup is awarded to the player with the most points gained in the leagues between September and the Squash Championships.


To contact the league organiser please contact Damian Smith at ebbishamsquash@gmail.com


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