Use of Tennis Courts

Tennis Covid Information


  1. Tennis Courts. The use of the tennis courts is extended to all active members of Ebbisham who will be able to book courts, attend club sessions, etc. If you have put your membership on hold and wish to play tennis, please contact the office to restart your membership.
  2. Court booking. The booking system is now open and courts must be booked in advance – you can’t just turn up and play. Remember, when booking you are required to enter the names of your opponents. It is not acceptable to enter ‘ball machine’ as an opponent (unless you are actually using it). A new option has been added ‘To be confirmed’ which must be used if you are unsure who you will be playing, on the understanding that your real opponent’s name is added as soon as you know it. 
  3. Although there will be no restriction on peak/off-peak timings, the rules around individual memberships will continue so those members who are not tennis members will only be able to book 6 days ahead. All bookings should be made via the club’s on-line booking system.
  4. Social distancing is to be maintained during and after play for all activities.
  5. The "Rule of Six" and social distancing remains in place for outdoor settings.
  6. Club sessions. Our normal sessions will resume on Wednesday evenings (6 to 9pm), Saturday afternoons (2 to 5pm) and Sunday mornings (10 to 1pm). Balls will be provided for these sessions and floodlights switched on as necessary on Wednesdays. There will be access to the toilets for the duration of the club session. On arrival at a club session, you are required to sign the attendance sheet.
  7. Balls. Players must provide their own balls at all other times. Balls may be purchased from the outside bar once it reopens (separate email will follow with Terrace bar opening timings).
  8. Floodlights. The booking system will be monitored and lights turned on as required.
  9. Singles box leagues. New leagues, now named in memory of Alan Baggett, will run from 1 April. If you wish to participate, and have not yet told her, please contact Gill Futcher.
  10. Ball machine. The machine is back in the cabinet. If you wish to use it, please book Court 1 in advance, choosing ‘ball machine’ as your opponent. Court 1 is the only court on which the ball machine may be used. Members who are regular users of the machine will be given access straight away, but if you are new to the machine please contact a committee member who will arrange a training session for you. Please note: THE MACHINE MUST NOT BE USED IN THE WET, OR EVEN WHEN THE COURT IS SLIGHTLY DAMP as the balls pick up moisture and cause the machine to stop working. When returning the machine to the cabinet, please make sure there are no balls remaining inside. Balls should be placed in the container provided. For safety reasons, while the club is unmanned, the ball machine should only be used if another person is present.
  11. Spectators. No spectators allowed (unless juniors are playing and then only 1 adult per junior).
  12. Non-Members.  Are only able to play as accompanying guests of members at the present time.
  13. Toilets. As the clubhouse is closed, there will be no access to toilets except during club sessions. The one-way system will not be in operation and exit will be via the main entrance door.
  14. Inclement Weather. Club internals are not be used as shelter.
  15. Masks/Face Coverings. These are expected to be worn inside the club house please unless there is medical exemption.
  16. Covid Safety – social distancing to be maintained before, during and after all tennis activity.


We have a full programme of coaching, tournaments, league matches etc planned for the summer – more details to follow in due course.

We look forward to seeing you on court!

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