Tennis League

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The tennis league is organised as a monthly box league and is open to all adults who have peak or off-peak membership.  The leagues are displayed online and scores are entered online.  To join the leagues please contact the club office.

Tennis League Rules


A match is two full sets with a tiebreak at 6-6.  If the score is 1-1 after two sets, then a championship tiebreak  is played (to 10 points) to decide the winner of the match. 

          Result in Sets              


2-0 Win

4 points

2-1 Win

3 points

1-2 Loss

2 points

0-2 Loss

1 point

Not Played*

0 points


4 points

A bonus point will be awarded to players who complete all of their games  during the stated box period.

*   If players can't arrange match

** If player doesn't show for pre-arranged match


  • Players to arrange their own matches.
  • Both players should bring a tube of balls to the match.
  • When a match is complete, the result should be added to the leagues on the Ebbisham web site.
  • Players will be attributed points to the result as per the scoring table above and a bonus point will be awarded if a player completes all of their games.
  • At the end of the stated box period, scores will be accumulated and players ranked.  If players are level on points, then head-to-head record is considered, then number of games won /lost.  The top 1-2 of each league will move up , while the bottom 1-2 of each league will move down.
  • Depending on new joiners/leavers for the leagues for each box period, there may be some further shuffling in addition to promotion/relegation - but the organiser will endeavour to give players as many new opponents as possible.
  • If existing players want to leave the league (either temporarily or permanently) then they must let
    the league organiser know by the end of the box period.
  • If leaving the league temporarily, the player's approximate league position will be noted and you'll be placed back into a similar league (or close below) when re-joining unless otherwise requested.
  • If players do not play any matches in the last two rounds of matches, then they will be auto-removed from the leagues unless specified otherwise.
  • New players can join the league at the beginning of a new box period. They will be placed in a league approximate to their ability to ensure everybody's enjoyment from the games!
  • Club sessions take priority over box league matches, so do not organise matches for then unless there are free courts.
  • If you have any concerns about the league you have been placed in then let the league organiser know.

Have fun and enjoy.

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